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Jim Williams, MS

“Finnish precision building and style is alive and well in northwest Montana. For those of you looking for a trustworthy local builder, creative mountain modern designing capabilities, friendly and approachable staff, and a transparent financial management program, look no further than Montana’s Finmark Construction.  Contrary to standard urban lore, building a new home for us became a satisfying and exciting experience.  Your sense of pride grows as the home is created in front of your eyes.  As a new homeowner, there is no finer sight than your framing studs being raised on your new foundation, on your personal land or lot, and there is no more comforting sound to your ears than a nail running through it.”
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Wendy & Nick

"Finmark has been the best choice we have made to make our dream home come to life! These builders are honest, hardworking, and easy to deal with. We would do it again."

Wayne & Katie

"Finmark Construction is not about building homes, they are committed to making dreams come true. The team is focused on understanding the future homeowner’s needs and then goes to work bringing them to life. Each team member takes pride in their work and I can't say enough about how hard they work. This was my first time building a custom home, and if I ever had to do it again, the team at Finmark would be my only choice!"

Patrick & Jeannie

"Our Journey with Finmark started in 2016, after buying land in Columbia Falls. As we searched for a builder, to start building in 3 to 4 years; Derek Oja, was the only builder that invited us in to see what he could do for us. He said," Come in, I will need work 3 to 4 years down the road', let me see what I can do for you" Every other builder turned us away and told us, to call them when we were ready. The way Derek handled and responded to us, from the beginning was in the Montana spirit. He instantly gained our trust and business. As he showed us different ideas, and homes he had built, we could see the quality, care, and pride he had in his work and in his company. Over the next 3 years, we sent him ideas, designs, and material preferences to design the home of our dreams. As work began, we could see Derek's values flow through his company and employees. From the young man operating the backhoe digging the foundation to the guys doing the finishing touches; every cut and corner touched by hands was perfect. We can honestly say, every person we were in contact with at Finmark, was professional, well-skilled, and genuinely cared about us and the house they created. With the name Finmark, you have a quality home with built-in equity. We hope they use us as a reference in the future and we will certainly use them again if we build in Montana. Thanks, Derek and the Finmark team for making our 30-year dream come true."

Carol Peterson

"We are so pleased with our new home! Finmark was great to work with. They completed our home on time and for the amount we had agreed upon. There were no surprises at the end. They listened to our suggestions and offered input if they had other ideas. We had built 4 homes previously and had never been as satisfied as we are with our Finmark home. Their attention to detail and customer satisfaction is above and beyond! You will never meet a more dedicated crew and we have made many new friends.."

Cindy S.

"Finmark built us the most awesome home!! My husband is handicapped and Derek designed a home that works perfectly for him, giving him [the] freedom to easily move around in his wheelchair. What a blessing!! Everyone worked so hard to make our dream come true. The entire crew is more like a family, working together to meet our needs and wants. Everyone is so kind, patient, and understanding. You know you’re in good hands when they are willing to meet you to help [to pick] out granite, tile, etc. ... And they have such great ideas that at times we just let them make some final decisions when we were not sure what would work or look best. Their creative ideas are endless. So glad I found them through the Parade of Homes. They deserve the "Award of Excellence"!! Thank you, Finmark; you are the very best!!!!!!!!"

Jim & Shannon

"Finmark Construction made an otherwise daunting task a surprisingly enjoyable one. Our project consisted of demolishing an existing structure and building a main house, guest house, and garage apartment all from our location in Idaho. Despite the distance to Columbia Falls, we felt as if we were on-site each day of the build as Finmark kept us in the loop with daily logs, photos, and messages detailing the progress. Their 3-D renderings allowed us to imagine every detail and walk through every aspect of the homes allowing us to explore options. From sitting for perfect views to selecting the last doorknob, we were in capable hands. They fearlessly tackled a large, daunting roofline, significant timberwork, and a soaring glass prow. From day one, we were impressed by their level of organization, their creativity, their commitment to problem-solving, and the positive relationship they had with their subcontractors. Finmark has established a team of craftsmen that take pride in their work and enjoy working together. The advantage of this family business is their seamless communication with one another and the relationships they have built that translate into a highly efficient, well-oiled machine. It is rare to see such a strong work ethic and genuinely nice character in so many people on a project. We are proud to own Finmark homes. They are truly one-of-a-kind works of art. Thank you, Derek, Ned, John, Levi, Lars, Heather, Sonya, and the entire extended family of Finmark Construction. We are grateful for your hard work and dedication to our project."
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